The portable inspection system for verification of assembly specifications, measuring of torque and detection of faulty threaded fastener joints - for secure bolted joints.

Vibration test for nuts and bolts

SCHATZ®-ANALYSE Vibration Test

Dynamic testing of the locking characteristics of fasteners under transverse loading conditions

Calibration device for indicating and hand-held torque click wrenches according to ISO 6789


Only automated calibration system for handheld torque tools accredited as calibration standard in several countries for secure bolted joints.

test system combiTEST


The mobile test centre allows testing of pneumatic, electro and impulse tools and hand torque wrenches according to standards and independently of mains supply.

Laboratory system for fast and precise analysis of fasteners


Enables tests in accordance with international standards or under realistic conditions to actual assembly processes.

Making test plans and document them, measuring methods according to standards, measuring of torque and angle, graphical evaluation of measuring results and statistical evaluation of process capability

CEUS® 8.2 and handheld torque/angle wrench

Complete solution to determine process capability in bolted joint assembly.